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Manitoba Members - Awards & Recognitions

Name Fellowship Contribution to Evaluation in Canada Service to the Society Award
Denise Belanger 2014
Larry Bremner 2019 2017
Linda Lee 2009 2003
Greg Mason 2010 1990
Barry Warrack 2013

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Credentialed Evaluators in Manitoba

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July 2016 - A new federal Policy on Results, which replaces the Federal Policy on Evaluation, is now available online. The Policy on Results can be found here.

You might be interested that in the Directive on Results, you will find paragraph 4.4.12 which states that "Heads of evaluation designated under subsection 4.3.12 of the policy are responsible for the following: [...] ensuring that departmental evaluators have opportunities to develop their competencies and to earn evaluation-related designations or certifications from recognized professional associations and certifying bodies."

This is important for individuals interested in pursuing or maintaining the credentialed evaluator designation.